Luvyh Sandalwood Scrub – 100gm

1. Gentle Exfoliation: Soft scrub particles for effective yet gentle skin renewal.
2. Sandalwood : Soothing sandalwood essence calming Brightening.


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  1. Gentle Exfoliation for Radiant Skin: Infused with fine scrub particles, our Sandalwood Scrub gently exfoliates your skin, removing impurities and dead cells. This delicate yet effective process reveals a radiant complexion, leaving you with a natural glow.
  2. Soothing Essence of Sandalwood: Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of sandalwood. Known for its soothing properties, this scrub not only revitalizes your skin but also provides a sensorial escape. The subtle, earthy aroma transforms your routine into a spa-like indulgence.
  3. Silky-Smooth Texture: Experience the luxurious texture of our scrub as it glides effortlessly over your skin. The velvety consistency ensures a smooth application, promoting a silky feel that lingers even after rinsing.
  4. Aromatherapy for the Soul: Elevate your senses with the aromatic benefits of sandalwood. The scrub not only pampers your skin but also offers a moment of tranquility, turning your skincare routine into a holistic, soul-soothing experience.
  5. Versatility for All Skin Types: Crafted with care, our Sandalwood Scrub is suitable for all skin types. Whether you seek a gentle cleanse, want to refine texture, or simply crave a moment of self-indulgence, this scrub adapts to your unique skincare needs.

Imbued with the timeless elegance of sandalwood, our scrub invites you to rediscover your skin’s natural beauty. Elevate your routine, embrace the calming essence, and unveil the radiance within. 🌿✨


No animal testing (Cruelty-free), Vegan-friendly ingredients, Free from parabens, phthalates and SLS, No mineral oil or alcohol.

Key Benefits:-

  1. Gentle Renewal: Soft yet effective exfoliation for a naturally radiant complexion.
  2. Soothing Sanctuary: Infused with calming sandalwood, it offers a spa-like escape during your skincare routine.
  3. Silky-Smooth Skin: Promotes a velvety texture, leaving your skin feeling smooth and luxurious.
  4. Aromatic Bliss: Experience the therapeutic aroma of sandalwood, adding a sensory dimension to your skincare.
  5. Versatile Elegance: Suitable for all skin types, providing a versatile solution for refreshed and revitalized skin. 🌿✨

How to Use:-

1. Cleanse: Start with a clean, damp face.
2. Apply: Gently apply the scrub to your face and neck.
3. Massage: Use circular motions for 1-2 minutes.
4. Rinse: Wash off with lukewarm water.
5. Pat Dry: Gently pat your face dry with a towel.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 cm