Luvyh Papaya cold cream 100g

Pamper your skin with our Papaya Cold Cream, enriched with tropical papaya goodness. Experience deep moisturization for a refreshed and radiant glow.


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Introducing our Papaya Cold Cream, a luxurious skincare essential crafted to infuse your daily routine with the tropical goodness of papaya. In a generous 100g size, this cold cream is a pampering indulgence for your skin. Enriched with the nourishing properties of papaya, it goes beyond basic moisturization, working to revitalize and rejuvenate your complexion.

  1. Tropical Elixir:- Immerse yourself in the tropical essence of papaya, known for its rich nutrients and skin-loving benefits.
  2. Deep Moisturization:- Beyond surface hydration, the cold cream deeply moisturizes, providing long-lasting relief for dry and dull skin.
  3. Revitalizing Formula:- The unique formula revitalizes tired and stressed skin, helping to restore its natural vibrancy.
  4. Nourishing Goodness:- Infused with the nourishing goodness of papaya, the cold cream replenishes essential nutrients, promoting a healthier complexion.
  5. Versatile Application:- Suitable for all skin types, the cream can be applied on both the face and body, catering to various skincare needs.
  6. Lightweight Texture:- Experience a lightweight and non-greasy texture that effortlessly glides onto the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and breathable.
  7. Delicate Fragrance:- Enjoy the subtle and delightful fragrance, adding a sensory element to your skincare routine.
  8. Daily Ritual:- Make the Papaya Cold Cream a daily skincare ritual to indulge your skin in the pampering it deserves.
  9. Generous Size:- Packaged in a generous 100g size, the cold cream is designed for long-term use, ensuring ongoing skincare benefits.
  10. Enhanced Radiance:- Witness the transformation as the cream enhances your natural radiance, leaving you with a luminous and healthy glow.


No animal testing (Cruelty-free), Vegan-friendly ingredients, Free from parabens, phthalates and SLS, No mineral oil or alcohol.

Key Benefits:-

  1. Hydration Boost:- Enjoy a hydration boost as the cold cream deeply moisturizes, keeping your skin happily hydrated.
  2. Papaya Power:- Infused with the goodness of papaya, it brings a tropical touch, offering natural nourishment for your skin.
  3. Velvety Softness:- Revel in velvety softness as the cream works its magic, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly smooth.
  4. Island-Inspired Radiance:- Transport yourself to an island getaway with the cream’s tropical touch, enhancing your natural radiance.
  5. Glowing Complexion:- Experience a glowing complexion as the soothing properties of papaya promote a healthier and radiant look.
  6. Daily Pampering:- Make pampering a daily affair with our Papaya Cold Cream, ensuring your skin receives consistent care and attention.
  7. Generous Size, Ongoing Care- With its generous size, the cold cream is a convenient addition to your routine, providing ongoing skincare benefits with every use.

How to Use:-

1. Clean face.
2. Apply and massage gently.
3. Focus on dry areas.
4. Use morning and night.
5. Extend to body as needed.
6. Reapply for continuous hydration.
7. Enjoy nourished and revitalized skin.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 cm